Thema der Veranstaltung:

  • Annual private CEO´s meeting
  • Every CEO dismissal is in part the result of personality. How are you ensuring a long run?
  • Will your usual ways of leading change still fit the organization?
  • Your small mistake costs millions, your big one along the Supply Chain costs more. How are you easing the risks?

Vortrag von Klaus Peters:

Building a Strategic Workforce Planning by KPI´s focused on CEO´s interests in a profitable Supply Chain

  • Pre-boarding negotiations
  • Accelerated integration of the new CEO by getting the right Know-How
  • On-boarding, the First 100 Days, How to learn about the status quo
  • Merging a new senior team – Finding "New Friends"
  • Performance review for the new CEO Ensuring specific CEO styles, language, or behaviour


Mr Peters' speech was the ideal and professional support for new CEOs. One of our attendants stated that his qualities as lecturer result from his own huge experience in leading positions and also from a precise preparation – I correspond with that. G. Hamilton, WAD.

The CEO conference in Manchester was a great success. Especially the presentation of Klaus Peters was very useful, because it included interesting aspects for the successful integration of CEOs. Best regards, M. Ross.

Interim Manager Klaus Peters

Nur was sich rechnet ist gut.

"Sie möchten mehr über das EBIT-orientierte Supply Chain Management erfahren? Wir besuchen Sie gern, präsentieren und stellen bei Bedarf erfahrene Interim Manager vom Produktionsleiter über den Einkaufsleiter bis zum Verkaufsleiter oder eben gern den CCRO ebenfalls als Interim Manager zur Verfügung!“


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